Members of Family are invited to register
to the genealogy website of

You can apply for your access to the family version of the FAMILY TREE if:

1. There is an icon next to your name on the list (or next to the name of your grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister husband or wife);

2. You submit detailed particulars of yourself and your close family,
3. You enclose your good quality photo,
4. You are ready to help building the TREE.



If you accept the above conditions, download the FORM,
fill it in and mail it to

Since the website (and the form) is only in Polish, you need to have at least the basic command of the language.



Only if you are positively verified

Your personal data will be included to the TREE,
You will be registered according to the login and password proposed by you in the FORM,
You will be duly informed via e-mail,
You will have access to the family version of the TREE.

In the family version of the TREE you will find:

Anniversaries of births, Anniversaries of deaths,
Anniversaries of marriages, Namedays

The TREE consists of more than 25 thousand persons and over 10 thousand marriages and it is still growing.

Every person in the TREE may ask for a chart of his or her ancestors.